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Forbidden Love

Him, Human Connection

Nonsense by Designer Loser


There was one who could speak all but a few forbidden phrases. There were times when he did try to employ forbidden words but found he could not. First, he would sense dread rushing through his veins effectively  paralyzing every part of his body, until it reached his throat where it would foil the  escape of any utterance or peep.

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It is what it is…

When I hold him, my mind’s network of nodes awakens, sparking electrifying connections that unravel the essence of existence. With love as my guide, I traverse the world within, surrendering to the journey of each link. As endorphins dance like a pinball game, I embrace the exhilarating sensations ignited by each interaction.
Never before had we truly understood the concept of the soul until the moment our souls intertwined, igniting a profound sense of purpose and significance. With our connection no longer shrouded in ambiguity, but vividly alive and imbued with meaning in relation to each other, we are left pondering the impact on our lives, our existence in the world, and the path that lies ahead.
What awaits us in the next chapter? How will we evolve, both individually and collectively? How will our purpose reveal itself? And where will we be when the world ceases to exist?

Nonsense by Designer Loser

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